S/N Name of Members Countries Organisation/ Instititional Affiliations Bio-data Photos
1 Okon, Uduakobong A. Nigeria Organization for Promoting African Girls in Science Technology Education (OPAGESTE) Chair Organization Dr. Okon is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state, a Lecturer/Researcher, an Agricultural Scientist and Educationist in the University of Uyo, currently INWES Board member representing English Africa Region, INWES UNESCO representative for English Africa, INWES Liaison officer for Education Research Institute (ERI) - Canada and a board member of ERI. She is the pioneer chair of Africa Regional Network of INWES, the President and Founder of The Organization for Promoting AFrican Girls in Engineering, Science and Technology Education (OPAGESTE).
2 Caroline Thoruwa Kenya African Women Scientists and Engineers (AWSE) Caroline Langat Thoruwa is a Kenyan chemist. She is a professor of chemistry at the Kenyatta University and the director of its Nairobi City satellite campus.Langat Thoruwa is also the chairperson of African Women in Science and Engineering, She is a member of the board and currently the Secretary General of the International Network Women Engineers & Scientists, and a member of the technical committee of ACTIL Knowledge Hub.
3 Aude Abena Cameroon Association des Femmes ingenieures et Scientifique (AFISC) Association des Femmes ingenieures et Scientifique (AFISC) and currently an INWES board member.
4 Rokhaya Solange Ndir Senegal Rokhaya Solange Ndir, Head of Digital Ecosystem Relations at Orange Senegal and currently an INWES board member.
5 Rufina DABO Senegal Fondatric Association des Femmes pour la promotion des Sciences et de la Technologie au Senegal (AFSTech/Senegal) Mrs Rufina DABO SARR is working in the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Head of Division coopeation and Partnership, Founder AFSTech / Senegal, Outgoing Director of INWES Francophone Africa.
6 Redempta Njau Tanzania IT Redempta Njau is a Software Engineer experienced in testing Web and client server applications in various projects. As a Senior Test Engineer, performing requirements analysis, design and develop the testing.
7 Florence Kiyimba Uganda African Women Scientists and Engineers (AWSE) Dr. Florence is a Registered Agricultural Engineer employed by the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) as a senior Research Officer, with 19 years of experirnce. Her Research interest is in Designing, fabricating, testing/evaluation and dessiminating appropraite technologies and Agricltural Engineering process systems.
8 Vera Egwuta Nigeria SWETS (Society of women Technologists and Science in Africa) Vera is a Civil Engineer and works with Federal capital development Authority
9 Kadija Simboro Burkina Faso Femme Leader d'Afrique Kadija is an engineer at a private company where she is Development Director for Energy Projects. She has valuable experiences in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency, and energy policy and planning. She is the General Secretary of the association of renewable energy professionals of Burkina Faso.She also works on issues related to water, environment, and sanitation through advocacy, sensitizing, communication, networking, and local projects. Kadija holds a bachelors' degree in Water and Environmental Engineering. She is also completing a master's degree in Electrical and Renewable Energy. In addition, Kadija is the founder and president of FLA (Femme Leader d'Afrique) Association
10 Mary Mwangi Kenya African Women Scientists and Engineers (AWSE) Mary is a lecturer/ Researcher in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
11 Mrs Reine Mbang Essobmadje Cameroon She is founder and CEO of Evolving Consulting. She is a young cameroonian with remarkable career in Networking and Telecommunications Mrs Riene Mbang Essobmadje is an Engineer, an ICT consultant and a CEO at EvolvingCons
12 Ukeme Nwala Nigeria Organization for Promoting African Girls in Science Technology Education (OPAGESTE) She is Medical Microbiologist in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences University of Uyo, Nigeria.
13 Nnoli Akpedeye Nigeria Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria (APWEN) Mrs Nnoli Akpedeye, Technical Planning Manager with Shell Petroleum Nigeria will take the APWEN chair for 2014 and 2015. She is a construction engineer.
Name of Members Countries Photos
Okon, Uduakobong A. Nigeria
Caroline Thoruwa Kenya
Aude Abena Cameroon
Rokhaya Solange Ndir Senegal
Rufina DABO Senegal
Redempta Njau Tanzania
Florence Kiyimba Uganda
Vera Egwuta Nigeria
Kadija Simboro Burkina Faso
Mary Mwangi Kenya
Mrs Reine Mbang Essobmadje Cameroon
Ukeme Nwala Nigeria
Nnoli Akpedeye Nigeria